The world can be a very ugly place. Each day we are faced with pain, guilt, pressure, sorrow, lust, greed, and sinful desires. These terrible feelings are apart of our sinful nature. The world can be a lonely place. As I begin writing these devotions, I will often cover many types of “Worldly Issues.” Although loneliness is one of the most common emotions we experience, we are never TRULY alone. God is always right there for each of us. Sometimes our feelings may seem a bit overwhelming. In my own life, I deal with many overwhelming circumstances each day. Whether it be obstacles we can’t avoid or consequences following poor choices, we all walk through the valleys of life. During your lowest points, who do you turn to? Family? Friends? A boyfriend or girlfriend? It is easier to turn to a worldly resource. Worldly perspectives seem comforting, welcoming, calming, yet all the while, they are deceitful, horrifying, lies. The world we live in today is consumed with people who have so many overwhelming issues. Although our problems feel huge, our God is bigger. If we all would just turn to Christ rather than looking to those around us for fulfillment, we would all be better off. He is our refuge, our shelter in the storm. He is our provider, our lending hand during hopelessness. And most of all, he is our HOPE in a world full of issues. I encourage each of you to trust Him and allow Him to work through you. As you learn to rely on Christ, your problems seem minimum and your faith grows larger than your fears. Please join me in prayer for the world around us. Have a great week and thanks for reading “Worldly Issues!”