14465We as Human caught my eye at Winter Jam 2012.  They simply came and melted my face off.  I bought their EP and loved every song.  Now, a full length album has been released by We as Human.  All I can say is wow!  Tracks such as “Strike Back,” “Dead Man,” and “Zombie” are awesome anthems that basically define rock.  “Bring to Life” is my favorite song off this record.  There is a great Tremonti influence guitar wise.  This is an example of rock that is amazing and also very “preachy,” which is refreshing to see young people stand strong in their faith even in the secular music world.  “Zombie” features John Cooper from Skillet, whose album also came today.  “We Fall Apart” is my mom’s favorite song.  This song is for our sisters, as lead singer Justin Cordle declared at Rock the Park.  Lacey Sturm, former singer of Flyleaf, joins We as Human on “Take the Bullets Away,” a very unique combination of funk and metal that may frighten you right after the chorus.  “I Stand” showcases how well Cordle can rap and sing.  The lyrics of this song are in your face. “Why should I be ashamed to talk about the One that I know is real or about how sick I think it is when babies are killed or the fact evolution is just stupid and wrong, I didn’t come from a monkey but you believe what you want.”


I give this album 5/5 stars.  I hope to see more great music in the future from We as Human!