Tangled Sheets – Creative Film on Relationships, Marriage, Loss, Brokenness

[su_quote cite=”Chris Weatherly” url=”http://chrisweatherly.com/featured/tangled-sheets/”]The original theme we came up with was confession. Then it progressed to vulnerability.[/su_quote]

In my search for interesting and relevant media to compliment my lessons, I came across a little gem of a film.  It’s a beautifully made film that tells a very realistic story of relationships, marriage, and the brokenness that we each bring into it.  We watch a relationship follow a downward arc as the narrator talks about how they (we) arrived at a point of relational failure based on their (our) inabilities to truly share their hearts and struggles.  I’ll let the film work by Chris Weatherly and the writing of Blake Frazier speak for itself…amazing and beautiful work…wow.

[su_quote cite=”Blake Frazier”][su_highlight background=”#f2f148″]It’s trading the ocean for a shallow shiny pool. It’s trading diamonds for glass.[/su_highlight][/su_quote]

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