The Story of Caroline Dugas

Earlier this year, Caroline lost her sister, Sarah, to suicide. Now, Caroline remembers Sarah’s life and shares why she believes in the message that “You cannot be replaced.”  It’s a powerful story showing the reality of suicide…those that are left behind trying to make sense, answer questions, and to cope with the knowledge that you may never know why.  I didn’t know Sarah, but to see her pictures below, she appears to be a happy, beautiful young lady with a bright future ahead of her.  I can’t fathom the loss her family feels, nor can I understand the depth that you have to fall to in order to feel like suicide is your only solution.  But I do know this, suicide has touched so many of our student population.  Even within our Alien Army.  I would encourage you to pray for Caroline and the rest of the Dugas family as well as for those that may be struggling right now with thoughts of suicide.  Praying that this video can be used in a way to change the heart of anyone that believes the lie that suicide is your only solution.