With over ten years experience under their belts, Skillet has rose to the headlining act of many festival, both Christian and secular. Why? Because of their ability to please practically everyone! Songs such as “Shout to the Lord” and “You Are my Hope” suffice for those who seek a more hymnish music styling. For symphonic rockers, “Collide” and “Awake and Alive” are must haves on their playlist. For those lovers of ballads, “Your’s to Hold” and “Lucy” are ones to sing your heart out to. Now, for those seeking to simply rock out, “Not Gonna Die,” “Cycle Down,” and “Hero” are beloved anthems. The beauty of Skillet is that they have challenging lyrics mixed with amazing guitars and vocals that easily integrate with backing cello and violin. From the album Collide, I love “Savior” because of this reason. My favorite Skillet song is “The Last Night” off of Comatose. This song was highly influential in the realization of one of my dear friends that there is a God who loves her for who she is, not what she has done. This lead to the stop of her committing self-harm.

Want more awesome Skillet songs? Check out “Believe,” “Better Than Drugs,” “Whispers in the Dark,” “Fire and Fury,” and “American Noise!”