SKAD – Steal Kill and Destroy – Warped Tour 2014 Review

[su_quote cite=”Steal Kill and Destroy” url=””]Steal Kill And Destroy Also known as SKAD, is a faith based non-profit organization that reaches out to youth who often feel alone in their struggles. Substance abuse, depression, dysfunctional family life, and lack of identity are just a few of the topics we face on a regular basis with teens. We believe that if you shine light in the darkest places of your heart, the darkness must flee, so our goal is to show teens how to do that.    Outreach, weekly meetings, one on one mentoring, and community events are just a few ways our organization shines hope to a generation of broken young people.[/su_quote]

SKAD was one of those rarities that we came across at Warped Tour 2014.  A Christian organization (one of a few actually) that was definitely a light in darkness.  I spent some time talking with them to learn more about what they were all about and came away highly impressed.  I even bought at t-shirt to show support. It quotes the SKAD theme verse that also happens to be one of my favorite verses:[su_quote][su_highlight background=”#f2f148″]The thief comes only to steal and kill and destroy; I have come that they may have life, and have it to the full. John 10:10[/su_highlight][/su_quote]

Below is a highlight video from the first few stops of the Warped Tour 2014.  In youth ministry we use a term to describe our ministries as “on the front lines”, but SKAD is “front lines” in a venue that could only be described as negative towards the Christian worldview.  At least that is, until people take the time to talk to Stella and her ministry team at the SKAD tent. I’m thankful for them and their ministry and looking forward to hanging out with them again at Warped Tour 2015.

Take a few minutes and watch the video…if you would, please visit their site and make a donation to help the ministry.


[su_quote cite=”Matthew Hogan” url=”″]It’s no secret that I absolutely love getting to work with Steal, Kill and Destroy. When they asked me to come along to a few of the first Warped Tour dates to shoot their ministry in action, I immediately said yes, and went along a few months later to both the Houston and San Antonio dates of the tour. It was such an amazing, eye opening time for me watching David, Madison, Myranda and Stella minister to so many hurting teens in the short span of time that I got to be there, and it’s so amazing getting to witness how God uses something so unique to touch the lives of so many in such a chaotic place. Through those few days of walking a million miles, getting crazily sunburned/sweaty and going half deaf from the countless bands, I filmed quite a lot in the hopes to produce a short video for their organization, since they hadn’t yet had anything filmed like this for their tour ministry. This is that video. Thank you so very much for watching! :-)[/su_quote]