Nine Lashes Concert – The Channel Greenville SC – A Review by Andrew Miller

Sunday I was able to attend the Nine Lashes concert at The Channel in Greenville.  Definitely one of the top 5 concerts I have ever been to.
I was checking out merch online and found that Nine Lashes would be in Greenville in two weeks for their “From Water Tour.”  I was stoked!  We (Seth, my dad, and I) quickly bought tickets and waited until the next Sunday night.  We arrive at The Channel and are flabbergasted.  All that was visible was a small restaurant and a stage with a piano…. Definitely not Nine Lashes.  A waiter asked if we were here for the concert and then pointed us to some stairs.  After two flights,  we arrive at a small room with a relatively small stage and band tables with Icon for Hire playing. I knew we were there.
A few minutes later, an unannounced band named The Surrendering began. Husband and wife duo playing a guitar and nothing else.  Certainly not metal, but it was quite enjoyable. A quick 4 song set and the stage was being set up for Lastwatch.
I had already checked this band out and liked what I had heard.  Simply put, Lastwatch is the female fronted band that every other female fronted band wants to be.  Their song, “The Countdown,” is pretty awesome!  The energy the band had was contagious.  Not knowing many of Lastwatch’s songs, almost all of the crowd was jumping and having a great time.  The lead singer, Ashley Miller, even decided to jump into the crowd and mosh with us.  I look forward to seeing them soon.
As the stage was being set for Jason Dunn (former singer of Hawk Nelson), I noticed that he was and had been standing in the crowd with us for the previous bands.  Having done my research, I knew he was a Type-1 diabetic as well.  Jason and I conversed about our shared disease and I asked him how he handled it on tour.  He told me that it came natural after a few weeks and that he was well controlled.  It was a very pleasant meeting.  He then walked on stage and knocked my socks off.  Can’t really find much of his music online, but he is an incredible punk singer!  I distinctly remember Jason singing the Hawk Nelson hit, “Everything You Ever Wanted.”  I highly anticipate the release of his album sometime in January!

Seth and I then went downstairs to get a water.  We passed a guy with a Thousand Foot Krutch shirt and commented on it. He said thanks and walked on.  When we returned, this dude put on jacket and jumped on stage.  He was Jeremy Dunn, Nine Lashes lead singer.

Nine Lashes began by telling us the expectation that we all should be sweating before the end of the show. “Anthem of the Lonely” then came blasting out of the speakers. To say the least, we all were drenched in sweat by the end of just that song!  The concert continued without any let downs, so I let my crazy side loose, which one would be very surprised to see if he hasn’t, and ended ramming into a few kids from jumping/moshing. With the bond of Jesus and metal, we were cool and enjoyed the show.  Jeremy then begins talking about the new album, “From Water to War,” releasing on January 21.  They then played their latest single, “Break the World.”  A phenomenal song.  Nine Lashes’ guitarist then begins talking about the meaning of the song.  He tells of his battle with depression and suicide.  Listen to “Break the World” here: Break the World

It is quite hard to explain how perfect all the bands sounded!  I would easily drive 3 or more hours to see this show again.  Check all these bands out!