Jerusalem Project 2013 Friday Schedule and Info


JP update for Friday:
I know it’s late, but it’s finally settling down here at the Zig house. Reminder that the schedule changes tomorrow for the JP Fun Day. We all get to sleep in a bit longer and will meet at the church about 9am to leave at 9:15. Wear your JP shirts. If you didn’t get your shirt yet, you can get it in the morning. Worship service starts at 10am. Lunch at 11am. Then we leave for Gaffney Entertainment for Bowling, games, and Despicable Me 2. After the movie we will be heading back to CBC to hang out, relax, and eat pizza dinner before heading back to BRE for the final JP Night Meeting. Pick up at CBC about 9:30ish.

Now, because of the severe damage to the three homes during the storm, JP has asked that all students pitch in $5 towards Fun Day so the money can go right back into restoring these homes for the families. The $5 covers their movie ticket, bowling, shoes, and $3 in tokens! No Corinth student will be denied going if they don’t pay the $5, but it does go back into a good cause, while also allowing you to have a fun time for a great deal.