“All about the Rock and Roll Thugs”

warped-tourAround 9:30, Brian and I depart on our way to Warped Tour. Let me set this straight: in no way is this a Christian event or concert. That being said, three of my favorite (and coincidentally, Christian) bands were on the lineup this year. After some research, I discovered that a chaperone over the age 28 gets a free ticket with a paid minor. After telling this to Brian, it was a definite that we would be going this year.

Expecting to take an hour to arrive at the PNC Pavilion, Brian and I thought we would have plenty of time to make it there before gates opened at 11:00. And we would have, if not for the hour of traffic at the exit.
Arriving at 12 or so, we make a mad dash into the venue. We quickly find a stand selling a map with show times and pay the 2 bucks for it. I look under the Kevin Says stage, and I see Icon for Hire beside the 12:05 slot. Quickly, I check the time and see 12:06. Oh, crap. We dash our way to the stage in time to hear the end of the opening song, “Cynics and Critics,” off their latest album. Next is one of my personal favorites, “Make a Move.” Both performances are practically flawless; however, the next masterpiece blows its predecessors out of the water. Ariel (pronounced R-E-L) starts singing the lyrics to “Think I’m Sick,” a fast-paced, rap-styled track. She starts off very slow and progresses into a high octane chant similar to the original song. While Ariel does this, Josh, the bassist, put a hospital gown with “Get Well” written in black on her. Without missing a beat, the band immediately transitions into “Get Well,” creating an amazing effect with the lyrics of the songs and our human want of being healthy, both mentally, physically, and spiritually.


Icon for Hire

Josh, Shawn, and Ariel head off stage while Adam shows what God has given him: amazing drumming skills. After a crazy drum solo, the rest of Icon for Hire returns. They do a cover of “Can’t Hold Us,” which I found extremely odd, but it connected with the crowd since most of the people around me were singing their hearts out.

Icon’s final song begins with Ariel on a megaphone chanting “You’re not listening, you don’t understand!” From there, “Rock and Roll Thugs” come blasting out of the speakers. I must admit, I fangirled at this point, since this is my all time favorite Icon for Hire song. As I’m writing this review, I’m wearing my “The music is in my BLOOD” shirt, which is the opening line to the song. Sadly, this ends their set. I look at Brian and I see one thing on his face: “That was incredible!” I talk with Shawn, the guitarist, after the show and he tells me that Icon will be in Charlotte in a year for an one and one-half hour headlining show. I tell him that I will see him then and Brian and I continue to explore the enormous venue.  Next is Anberlin, whose show will be my next review.

Icon for Hire is simply amazing.  I discovered them at Rock the Park 2012, and this was the first chance I have got to see them live since.  They, along with Anberlin and For Today, made Warped Tour well worth the $47.  I encourage you to check out Icon for Hire, and hope to see you at the show in Charlotte in a year or so!  Find them at: Icon for Hire

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