300x300Need some new, no frills, straight up rock?  Bad Dreams and Melodies by Southbound Fearing is your answer.  The initial track, “The Love That Never Fails,” show the true skill of the band, combining harmony, thumping  bass, and great guitars.  “I Heard the River” is an awesome song sounding straight from the 80’s.  “The Only” is a more mellow song that one could easily worship to.  The pure vocals on “Something Greater” make it a very catchy song that I find myself singing to in random places.  My favorite song on this record is the finale, “Control.”  I feel it has the best guitar work and vocals on Bad Dreams and Melodies. The best part of this album is that Southbound Fearing weaves their faith and love of Jesus in every one of these awesome tracks. I give Bad Dreams and Melodies 9/10 stars and hope to see Southbound Fearing in the near future.