This past Sunday night we hosted a unified Children’s Christmas Craft night for the kiddos.   We thought it would be nice to invite the grades 5K – 5th grade up to our Alien Youth Army war room to help spread some Christmas cheer.  We partnered up each teen with a child to help them complete their craft project.  We made edible Christmas trees!


Christy Ziegelheafer found the idea on Pinterest, picked up the supplies and made the preparations. You can see the basics of how to make them in the video below.  For more details, here is a link to the craft:

Afterwards, I sat the kids down for children’s sermon on Christmas and we finished up the evening with a showing of “Nestor, The Long Eared Donkey”.  It was fun for all involved!


Here is a video that Erin Pearson made for us and utilized our new GoPro camera.  Thank you Erin!


Here is a link to “Nestor, The Long Earred Christmas Donkey”

And finally, here is a link to some of the photos that Erin shot: