Tomorrow15-ProfileImageWorld Suicide Prevention Day is this Thursday. We’ll be covering this topic Wednesday night. We’ll end the night with a “card”. Simply this, I ask that you come prepared to write something down on a notecard (we’ll have them there) in one of three ways:

-First and foremost, a relationship with Jesus Christ is the first step in healing. If you don’t already have that relationship and would like to begin, write it down. As always, we’ll be ready to talk with you about it.
-I know that some of you struggle in life in ways that most people would never know. This is an opportunity to put in writing (anonymously if desired) whatever is going on in your life that you would like prayer for. Sometimes writing it down is the first step in being able to talk to someone about it. We will pray over each and every request as well as talk to you about it if you put your name on it.
-Finally, for some of you, you have a relationship with Christ and life is going OK…great even. That’s awesome. Let’s take time then to give thanks to God for it. Write it down. Give praise.

I’ll leave you with this quote:
“Together we will say that it’s important to talk about mental health and suicide. Together we will say that it’s okay to be honest and it’s okay to ask for help. Together we will say we’re not alone.”

We’ll see you tomorrow.

National Suicide Prevention Week #nspw15 #wspd15