Jerusalem Project 2013 Sign Up Information

Jerusalem Project will be July 15-19, 2013.    Sign up is a lot different this year with all registrations only being accepted via Jerusalem Project’s website.  Here is a direct link to the sign up page for Corinth Baptist Church:

The home page for Jerusalem Project is:

The fee for Jerusalem Project this year is still an extremely reasonable $35!  You can make your check out to Corinth Baptist Church.  See me (Brian) or Christy to turn in your payment via check or cash.  I am in the process of setting us up to take credit cards/debit cards ASAP to make it even easier to get the money turned in on time. If you would prefer to wait until I get that setup, that would be perfectly fine, but there will most likely be a very small fee for credit/debit card use.  Now for the deadlines…


Deadlines are going to be strictly enforced this year.  In the past, you have been able to register right up to the start of JP without much of problem.   This year that has changed in order to allow more time to create work crews and to have a clearer picture of just how many participants there will be.  This will also help in deciding how many projects JP can do based on the number of registered participants.  In other words, it will make it much easier for JP staff to plan ahead.

The Jerusalem Project deadline for registering will be June 30, 2013 at 11:59 pm.  After June 3oth, the registration forms will be taken offline and will no longer be available.  All payments are due by this day as well or your registration will be canceled.  We (Corinth Baptist Church) will have to pay for every registered person, so if you have registered but haven’t turned in your money by the deadline, we will have to cancel your registration so that we are not committed to paying for people that may not show up to participate.

So, here is everything in a nutshell:

  1. Register for JP with your information at:
  2. All registrations must be completed by June 30th. No exceptions.
  3. All registration fees must be turned into Corinth Baptist Church by June 30th or your registration will be canceled.
  4. We accept checks made out to Corinth Baptist Church, cash, and very soon credit/debit cards.  See Brian or Christy.
  5. Prepare yourself for an amazing week working and glorifying God!  Pray for Jerusalem Project staff, volunteers, participants, clients, and for the overall safety on the jobs.  Ask God to wrap every aspect of the week in His love and grace.  Let Him be glorified through your work, your words, and your attitudes.


Here are a few things to do until JP starts: