Impact 2015 – Updated Information

IMPACT SCHEDULE  #impactgaffney is the official hashtag for the weekend

As always, if you are planning to ride the bus, please be on time.  Because of transportation limitations, it will help tremendously if you can be dropped off and picked up at Broad River Electric, we request that you do so.  That would be a HUGE help.  We always sit in the same section when at BRE…far right section (when facing the stage) and as close to the front as we can get and still sit together as a youth family.  No one sits anywhere else without permission from a youth leader.



We’d like for everyone to be at CBC at 6:00 so that we can load up and be at Broad River Electric before 6:30.

6:30 Youth Leader Registration

(Pick up T’s, pay, JP Registration)

6:50 Leader Huddle and Prayer (outside back door)

7:00-9:00 RALLY



We’ll have to leave CBC by 9:30am.

10:00-12:00 RALLY

Churches/students “on your own” for Saturday afternoon activities.

(Corinth has a work day planned for Benji’s Playground.  Weather permitting.  We will help clean up, lay down more retaining walls, spread mulch, and whatever else the men request help with to complete the work.  Stay as long or as little as you can…no set times but it will roughly cover from 1pm-4pm if you would like to help serve.)

We will meet at CBC at 6:00pm with the goal to leave no later than 6:15pm.

7:00-9:00 RALLY


SUNDAY (Wear Impact Shirts)

We will meet at CBC at 5:00pm with the goal to leave no later than 5:15pm!

6:00-8:00 Comedian Jonnie W.

*Youth must have an armband to enter!  Youth Workers are free.

Impact Gaffney