Impact 2014 Weekend Schedule

Impact Gaffney Impact weekend is upon us!  Here are some of the key points you need to keep in mind as well as the schedule.  Remember, Impact is FREE to attend Friday and Saturday!  It’s perfectly OK to invite your friends, actually it’s ENCOURAGED!

First off…schedule:

Keep in mind that it’s really difficult to determine exactly when we will be back to CBC after each meeting because of many different factors…length of time the speaker takes, the band plays, alter calls, as well as how long it takes to make sure everyone is rounded up and on the buses or their ride has picked them up at Broad River Electric.  If your student doesn’t have a cell phone to contact you when we leave, they can use mine or you can text me for an update.  My cell is (864)649-0040 and Christy’s is (864)649-0521.  Students can ride the buses or meet us at Broad River Electric if it’s more convenient.

Friday – Leave Corinth Baptist Church at 6:15 sharp!  Meeting begins at 7:00PM, possibly back at 9:00.

Saturday morning – Leave CBC at 9:15 AM.  We should be finished around 11:30ish? and return to CBC.

Saturday afternoon – We have scrimmage softball games lined up for the afternoon against First Baptist Church of Gaffney.  After we return to CBC from the morning meetings and drop off those that are not playing softball, we will head out to the Ford Complex.  I’ll make sure we have some pizza and soda on hand for lunch.  After softball students can head home to change and get ready for the evening service.

Saturday evening – We will leave CBC at 6:15 PM.  Again, not really sure about what time we will get back…maybe 9:00?

Sunday concertT-shirt night!  Wear your Impact t-shirt if you have one! We will be leaving CBC at 5:00 PM.  For those in the Alien Arts Experiment, you will be able to come up after practice (we’ll get you there).  The rest of us will be heading up there to hold seats.  If you didn’t pre-order a ticket (or pick one up at Buford Street Drugs)  you must buy one at the door for $12.   There will be concessions and merchandise sold at the concert.  Concert begins at 6:00 PM.  Not really sure how long it will last.  Again, contact your teen or myself for a text update.