To most of the people who recognized him, Paul Walker was the blue-eyed star of the Fast and Furious series or that man who wore a swimsuit a lot in Into the Blue. However, since his untimely death earlier this month, an amazing, totally different portrait of the person has started to emerge.  An image  of a true humanitarian.



Paul Walker was the founding father of Reach Out Worldwide – a world wide network of professionals with the abilities required to create a difference in times of severe crisis. The group was created in 2010 to respond to the earthquakes that devastated Haiti and worked hard to get the proper folks on the ground as quickly as possible to assist the relief effort.

Paul Walker wasn’t the sort of person to shout regarding his charitable work before his death. However, one positive outcome from his passing is that we now get to see simply what huge amounts of time and energy this humble movie star put into serving to the world around him.  It’s quite refreshing from the normal “look at me” mentality of many.  Simply amazing.

For more information on Reach Out World Wide and to find out how to donate or volunteer head to the official site.

The Humble Side Of Paul Walker That Very Few Knew…His Charity Work With Reach Out Worldwide