Alien Youth Army Scarowinds Trip – October 13, 2013

Alien Youth Army ScarowindsOne of the fun things about youth ministry is the ability to be spontaneous.  We decided at the last minute to invite those that attended our Alien Small Groups to go on an impromptu trip to Scarowinds for an evening of fun.  We had about twenty take us up on the offer and we loaded up the bus and van right after Pastor Dwight Easler finished the evening service.  Two McDonald’s visits (don’t ask lol) and one Starbucks run later we were at the park.  It was super fun to have a few first timers with us.  After taking so many trips there with youth, it was great to see the reactions and excitement of  those that were new.   Here is a quick video clip of some of the evening…but believe me, you had to just be there to appreciate some of the hilarity that ensued.  Sorry if you missed it!  Maybe next time!

PS: Shout out to some great volunteers that helped!  Steve and Tiffany Cook, T.J. Huggin, Daniel Huggin, Roger and Stacey Miller, and last but not least…Christy Ziegelheafer.  5 Hour Energy for everyone!